Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Course Intro, Meet Rachael, What to Expect

    • 3 Essential Parts of TF Journey {Not Talked About}

    • Twin Flame vs. Soul Mate vs. Specific Person

    • Healing Your Dynamic w/ Resource Guide PDF

    • You Can Be in Union NOW!

    • Please Watch--Additional Support if Needed

  2. 2
    • Intro to Part One {How to Get the Most from It}

    • Twin Flames & Spiritual Awakening {Soul Contracts}

    • How to Use Meditation to Discover Purpose {Very Brief Overview}

    • Astrology to Discover You & Twins Purpose {Fun Free Tools}

    • Numerology to Discover TF Purpose {Easy & Free}

    • Human Design to Discover Purpose

    • Should You Get Tarot Readings? {When & How to Use Them}

    • Signs & Synchronicity from the Universe {How to Follow the Signs!}

  3. 3
    • Manifesting Union Intro

    • Forget ALL Twin Flame "Stories" & Do This

    • Important Foundational Beliefs to Manifest Union (& Anything Else!)

    • Shift Self-Concept to Radically Shift Dynamic

    • Instantly Shift into Union "State" (VERY IMPORTANT!)

    • Altering State is NOT Codependency {The Crucial Difference}

    • Your Desires are Your Destiny {What You Desire Always Desires You!}

    • Union Intention is Made Manifest {Here is How}

    • Intentions, Affirmations & Mental Diet {The Most Important Technique}

    • Visualize Union into Being

    • Recreate Your Relationship with Mental Conversations

    • How to Change Any Situation with Revision Technique

    • Feel It Real {And It Becomes Real}

    • Keep The Faith {It's Happening!}

    • How to Handle Doubts & Fears

    • It's Already Done! {The Law of Assumption}

    • How to Stay in Alignment Until it Manifests {Easier than you think}

    • Test It!

    • It Has to Manifest...Persistence is Key

    • Understand the Bridge of Incidents {All Paths Lead to Union}

    • How to Handle Opposing Situations & Triggers

    • Manifesting Recap

  4. 4
    • When to Surrender & What It Means to Let Go {Not What Your Think...}

    • Self Love, Deservingness, Receptivity (Open Up to Union)

    • Allow Angels, Guides, & Higher Beings to Help

    • Open Yourself Up to Grace {Miraculous Healing Power}

    • The Journey Forward {Parting Guidance}

    • Reminder of Additional Support, Healings, & Where to Ask Questions

    • Course Complete! Thank You!