Twin Flame Membership Group w/ Matt

Monthly support group for your Twin Flame Journey, hosted by my friend Matt (mc warrior of the light). Ask personal questions about your situation, get exclusive access to a community page filled with like-hearted Souls, live community healings and activations, (only available here), and access additional resources to help you manifest Union and all your heart's desires.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Intro, Meet Rachael, What to Expect

    2. 3 Essential Parts of TF Journey {Not Talked About}

    3. Twin Flame vs. Soul Mate vs. Specific Person

    4. Healing Your Dynamic w/ Resource Guide PDF

    5. You Can Be in Union NOW!

    6. Please Watch--Additional Support if Needed

    1. Intro to Part One {How to Get the Most from It}

    2. Twin Flames & Spiritual Awakening {Soul Contracts}

    3. How to Use Meditation to Discover Purpose {Very Brief Overview}

    4. Astrology to Discover You & Twins Purpose {Fun Free Tools}

    5. Numerology to Discover TF Purpose {Easy & Free}

    6. Human Design to Discover Purpose

    7. Should You Get Tarot Readings? {When & How to Use Them}

    8. Signs & Synchronicity from the Universe {How to Follow the Signs!}

    1. Manifesting Union Intro

    2. Forget ALL Twin Flame "Stories" & Do This

    3. Important Foundational Beliefs to Manifest Union (& Anything Else!)

    4. Shift Self-Concept to Radically Shift Dynamic

    5. Instantly Shift into Union "State" (VERY IMPORTANT!)

    6. Altering State is NOT Codependency {The Crucial Difference}

    7. Your Desires are Your Destiny {What You Desire Always Desires You!}

    8. Union Intention is Made Manifest {Here is How}

    9. Intentions, Affirmations & Mental Diet {The Most Important Technique}

    10. Visualize Union into Being

    11. Recreate Your Relationship with Mental Conversations

    12. How to Change Any Situation with Revision Technique

    13. Feel It Real {And It Becomes Real}

    14. Keep The Faith {It's Happening!}

    15. How to Handle Doubts & Fears

    16. It's Already Done! {The Law of Assumption}

    17. How to Stay in Alignment Until it Manifests {Easier than you think}

    18. Test It!

    19. It Has to Manifest...Persistence is Key

    20. Understand the Bridge of Incidents {All Paths Lead to Union}

    21. How to Handle Opposing Situations & Triggers

    22. Manifesting Recap

    1. When to Surrender & What It Means to Let Go {Not What Your Think...}

    2. Self Love, Deservingness, Receptivity (Open Up to Union)

    3. Allow Angels, Guides, & Higher Beings to Help

    4. Open Yourself Up to Grace {Miraculous Healing Power}

    5. The Journey Forward {Parting Guidance}

    6. Reminder of Additional Support, Healings, & Where to Ask Questions

    7. Course Complete! Thank You!

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